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The Colonial Cartagena Project – author and curator 


“The Other Afro-Argentines: Racial Stories Among the South African Community of Patagonia in the 20th Century”– Co-author with Paulina L. Alberto, Andries W. Coetzee, Lorenzo García-Amaya, Victoria Langland, Ryan Szpiech, and Nicholas Henriksen (2019)


From Africa to Patagonia Digital Archive – coordinator & undergraduate supervisor


“La asombrosa historia de los gauchos sudafricanos de la Patagonia” – Revista VIVA, Clarín, Buenos Aires, Argentina (May 2019)


“Humanities Reimagined: An innovative faculty-student collaborative model” (Accepted) Inside Higher Ed – Ian Cook, Ella Deaton, Ellie Johandes, Kelly Kendro, Paulina Alberto, Andries Coetzee, Lorenzo García-Amaya, Victoria Langland, Ana M. Silva, Ryan Szpiech, Nicholas Henriksen.




Department of History

509 Pauli Murray Hall. CB 3195

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3265